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2 dagen 9 uren geleden
Breakfast New York, a ‘rapid product and prototype company’ who you might know from this other really cool project, made something new. For Forever 21 they created a massive 6.400 ‘pixel’ display made entirely from spools of thread. Made to show Instagram pictures hashtaged: #F21ThreadScreen.
2 dagen 21 uren geleden
Yesterday I bought the (purple and yellow!) vinyl release of Tame Impala’s new album ‘Currents’. If you enjoy good music and a good album cover, this is one to buy. The cover was created by Robert Beatty, an artist and musician from Lexington, Kentucky. His portfolio is a trip through brilliantly colourful and psychedelic work with a nostalgic feel. His Toilet Paper Cosmos Tumblr is worth...
4 dagen 19 uren geleden
One of the greatest and most beautiful PS3 games ever made has now been re-released for the PS4. Journey is an interactive tale, an anonymous online adventure to experience a person’s life passage and their intersections with other’s. It features stunning visuals, haunting music, and an unique online gameplay.
1 week 13 uren geleden
Frans van der Meer runs a 90-year-old bike shop in Amsterdam. He’s one of the city’s most authentic bicycle repairmen. Wytse Koetse shot a great 12-minute portrait of the man and his neighbourhood. It’s well worth your time. Have a nice weekend!
1 week 1 dag geleden
Ten Dollar Fonts is a type foundry by a selection of international designers. Now rebranded to The Designers Foundry. To celebrate they made a sampler with their collection of fonts. New website with nifty (open)typetester and design by Wade Jeffree who is also responsible for the Hardy typeface.
1 week 2 dagen geleden
The warm and colourful illustrations of Owen Gatley made my day when I first bumped into them. Lots of great travel-themed work can be found on his portfolio. Some of my favourites are the one for German Wings magazine, his take on Brisbane Airport or the one with the flying piñata for An Interesting Day.
1 week 2 dagen geleden
Combophoto is project on Instagram created by creative director Stephen Mcmennamy. Basically it is as simple as it sounds, two photos are perfectly paired making one composition. For more #combophotos follow Stephen on instagram and check out the project page.
1 week 3 dagen geleden
A nice little movie about the great artist/inventor Dominic Wilcox, who is a master in transforming the ordinary into surprising. Directed by Liam Saint-Pierre. Got to love the watch sculpture.
1 week 3 dagen geleden
Check this nice overview of the 2015 Emmy Nominations for Main Title Design. Awesome there is an award for this and the nominated pieces are really beautiful.
1 week 4 dagen geleden
The work of London based artist and illustrator Nick Sheehy is beautifully disturbing. With just graphite and watercolour he creates a weird universe of animals inside animals, veins and skulls. Be sure to follow him in Instagram
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